“Murdered Out”…still alive and kicking.

Many folks aint a fan of this trend…but we are. If it’s nothing new to you, pat yourself on the back. If you’ve never heard of it, consider yourself put up on game. Welcome to world of big dollars…

Mercedes CLS (we call it the tearderop joint…) Murdered out (all flat black…) and KILLING THE SCENE! God I love this car. If you’re a “Murdered Out” cult follower, tell me who did it first. Ken Block? (co-owner of DC Shoes), Rob Dyrdek? (Rob and Big/MTV). At any rate, you gotta have BALLS to do this, stoopid gwap…or both.

Other notable Murdered out whips follow, peep game. (Also shout out to the dude in Portland whippin’ the M.O. X5…it takes commitment).

M.O. Mercedes G. Wagon – courtesy of Ben Baller/Platinum Motorsports.

M.O. Rolls Royce Phantom…wow.

M.O. Range Rover, sitting pretty in front of the Pacific Design Center.

M.O. Bentley Continental GT. What more proof do you need that this aint no joke…

M.O. Porsche Cayenne. Sick, silly, illy willy snowflake. I’m done.

Maybe it was Batman the movie that inspired the whole thing, but I’d rather think one dude with balls that inspired the movie.

Now go paint your car. Holla, CAPITAL.


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One response to ““Murdered Out”…still alive and kicking.

  1. DT

    the first one to do this def. had to be batman – lol. Fareal do!

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