1 shot.

I don’t make it into our shop (Caviar) much anymore, but I spent a little time hanging out there Friday. Snub Magnum as he was known (Dan the man) has shown support since wayyy back. I got a chance to see what he’s up to lately and see what he’s doing to stay moving forward creatively.

He broke out a new SLR that he’s getting familiar with and Photo Shop/CS4 on his laptop. His graphic game is coming along nicely and he has plans to throw some dope events in the town this Summer. Once again a reminder that a career in the creative/entertainment/fashion field is not far fetched. All you need is access to a few gadgets and the patience to LEARN how to use them.

Stay Up fam…visit his Facebook page HERE.



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  1. Good look my dude!!! I look forward to doing sum work with yall in tha future… yall been motivation for me since day 1, so keep doin’ wut yall do and lets do it Xtra-Large for the town!!!

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