Kanye West’s home: NOT FOR SALE.

While erry other blog is telling you Yeezy’s house is for sale, we’re saying the opposite. Even tho most blogs are mad late on the info that it was even for sale in the first place, the listing was removed almost a month ago.

See for yourself. Maybe the sale’s pending and you still have a chance to make an offer…




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2 responses to “Kanye West’s home: NOT FOR SALE.

  1. willz

    capital brand still no 3xls u make fly shirts that come up to real mens nipples ur 2xls are yiny and dont even make 3xl in the new shit, that is not hip hop , u show no love for the big man ps i aint even big like that ( 6″2 265) and your 2xl dont do it step it up , please

    • capitalbrand

      LOL…yo the 2X joints are the same as a Nike tee, or a Crooks tee, etc…our first set of 3X tees are coming with the “Make me an offer” design. It drops next week. Look for it. 1.

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