While you were sleeping…

This last weekend was pretty wicked. Hosting the afties at my inner city compound, happens on the regular – but this Saturday we didn’t get started til about 4:30 am. Some of us committed to go 24+ hours. Only a couple of us survived. Here is a pic from Sunday…a good 12 hours innn. She wanted to document how the TV was as big as her…I wish.

We hit NW 23rd bangin’ Wiz in the whip the whole way. (That shit never gets old to me). I copped this new flask…can you blame me?

I got a text that told me to check my inbox while we we’re killing a Volcano roll at some sushi spot. This is what was waiting for me…thanks blondie, XO.

The Hypebeast/SLATE/Magic Las Vegas newsletter was also in our inbox…Guess who’s bizz-ack.

Wait, I take that back, they are advertising that we will be attending but…if we don’t get some prime time positioning – we might have to skip this bullshit. We shall see.

So sick of lackluster customer service. Especially when we’re talkin’ BIG DOLLARS and when we’re in a RECESSION! You better work twice as hard to make the customer happy! SMH.

Stay tuned. One Hunnad.



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