Life and times, Volume III.

New girls RARE tee, dropping in limited numbers, available at our boutique while supplies last.

Chillin’ poolside at the OG homie, My-G’s house in the West Hills. TJ Hooker rockin’ the ICEY CAPITAL tee and Illaj photo bombing as usual…lol.

The food at My-G’s BBQ session was super on point. Salmon, teriyaki chicken, jumbo prawns, steak – the list goes on. I didn’t even know he could cook, but he threw down like Bobby Flay on the grill. NOT MAD.

(WET) Wednesdays at Report Lounge with the homie DJ Robin Banks. L-R: Danny (of 107.5 fm), Chase Freeman (party promoter, music manager), Ike Boogie (CAPITAL P.R.) and CAPITAL co-founder Josh Walker.

Cashius Crooks hanging out with uncle T. Hooks on the docks of Lake Oswego.

Bino, CAPITAL promo/sales all star networking in L.A. last week…

Again, Bino, linked up with the homie Gata/GED in L.A. – both rockin’ CAPITAL as you can seeee. WATCH FOR HER…

100. CAPITAL Family.


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