CAPITAL Presents: “Viva Panama” mixtape.

Yes people, we said we wasn’t fuckin’ around in 2011 and we startin’ EARLY as usual COCKROACHES!

CAPITAL Brand x YouHeardThatNew x Panama present “Viva Panama” the MIXTAPE. Str8 outta NYC, you may have seen this young brotha on HBO’s “The Wire” or even stuntin’ in a Pepsi commercial…

If you wondered where the name Panama comes from here’s his answer: “I’m 100% Hispanic, so the name “Panama” is just a representation of my whole country, my family, myself and the people that represent me. Its a name that keeps me focused, keeps me humble, and it keeps me striving. It’s just a representation of what I’m trying to do for my country. It’s fresh, it’s life, and it’s international” .

Now he’s taking the music game by storm. Hosted by Karen Civil & DJ Boy Wonda!

CLICK ASAP to download the 6-track tape. Say WORRRD Bitchesss!


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