CAPITAL Christmas.

3 must haves: Apple iPad, Jay-Z’s “Decoded” book, and the animated/stop motion genius of “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

Another book that I’ve been eyeing for some time is “Crush it”. An interesting look at how others use the internet to drive huge sales in business. Can’t hurt…

A ‘lil Christmas Cutlery. Gotta get your grown man on in the kitchen erry now and then. Why not do it with style?

Converse “Guide Boot” Dark Green. Found these for an unbeatable price. Perrrfect for crispy Portland weather.

Classic work boot in Navy. I’ll probably flip the laces on some next shit. All suede. Gotta break away from sneakers erry once in a blue moon.

Last but not least – some good ‘ole bubbly. I’m almost more excited about the Veuve gift bag than the actual bottle, LOL. (So official).

*We hope you had a safe and memorable holiday. Remember without family, friends and love – none of this materialistic shit means anything. And without hard work, commitment and drive – none of it is ever possible.

1000, CPTL.


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