One of Portland’s best burgers: BIWA.

Last night I had the pleasure of dining at BIWA in SE Portland, a Japanese/Korean influenced spot tucked away at the building that once housed the famous venue “La Luna”. The burger I ordered was topped with grilled pork belly and smothered in Kimchi mayo. OM fuckin’ G! Believe me when I say: This is one of the cities BEST. Complete with a side of pickled peppers and onions and cool potato salad – it’s a steal at $8.

It now moves into my top five burgers, in good company with:

Mike’s Drive in,
Veritable Quandary,
5 Guys,
and Stanich’s.

Jump on it.

-TJ Hooker



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2 responses to “One of Portland’s best burgers: BIWA.

  1. MikeGanja

    Peep Killer Burger on Sandy…prob knock 5 guys out the line up.

  2. capitalbrand

    We’ve passed it and been tempted…thanks for the review – we’ll peep it.

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