VooDoo doughnuts new “Rapper’s Delight” pack.

While grabbing some frosted goodies last night I noticed VooDoo had a new 3 pack dedicated to the “Hip Hop lifestyle” (for lack of a better term). Take 1 part Ol’ Dirty, 1 part Blazer Blunt and 1 part Eminem and you’ve got 3 great pastry treats called “Rappers Delight” for only $4.20! How fitting.

I’ve never tried any of those “Flavor Flavs” (New doughnut name perhaps? Wink Wink…) but it was damn tempting (I stuck w/ Mango Tango). Check out the East side location for details.


I never realized what a perfect match the “Miami Vice Berry” doughnut and the South Beach Lebron’s were…

First person to stunt w/ both of these together gets 1,000 cool points.

-TJ Hooker.


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