Today marks our 1,000th blog post!

A special thank you to all of our loyal readers and supporters of the brand. We have been trying our best at giving you our personal touch and inside look through this blog and hope you enjoy our posts. Although much of our content revolves around our home base, here in Portland, we hope that those of you in other cities still ride with us and check back often for fly shit – blind to its origin.

Some days we blog little to none, some days we blog frequently, but all and all, WE HERE. Steady grinding, never saying NEVER and trying to share a piece of what we do with the World.

Just some city boys tryna’ stay positive w/ hood life tendencies.


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One response to “Today marks our 1,000th blog post!

  1. Knu

    good shit fam, gotta show some love to yall, the photoshoot i did will be up later this week, i got my capital shit on ya digg

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