Excerpt from Ben Baller on the death of friend and LRG founder, Jonas Bevacqua.

(In the picture above, I ran into Ben while in Vegas for MAGIC this same day. Real cool dude who I saw standing in the Palms gift shop by himself (on the phone) while rocking that ridiculous piece. We spoke and he gave me his card and that was that. He was VERY loyal to LRG…) -TJ

Via Ben Baller’s blog:

“I met Jonas around 2002 when Soundbombing III was released by Rawkus and he did a collab with them… I was introduced by a mutual friend Bee Nguyen…. a couple years later, we became best friends and the rest is really history…. we were like frick and frack….. we shot a reality tv series pilot and the intro of the show was Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock “It Takes Two” and it was us doing the shuffle dance and just clowning….. He seen me go through some of my worst times and some of my best times of my adult life for sure…. but always was there for me with an opinion…. he never held his tongue with me and I never held back with him either….. we judged each other, but loved each other…. not judged by status or shit like that, but we did scans on each other….. we always had each other’s best interest in mind and if we saw a leech lurking…. our friend GPS caught it asap! well now he’s gone and I never got to say goodbye to him…. crazy. I know deep inside he knew how much I loved him… how much I cared….

I can’t write all the stories and journeys and shit we went through…. but after digging, I found 3,412 pics of him in my iphoto albums…. that’s more than I have of anyone else but myself smh….. I mean…. I’ve been in a daze all day long, I just keep reminiscing of how he knew wherever he was on the earth, if I was with him, he felt safe and he knew I got him…. I’m still in shock and I miss my bro. I just can’t believe it. There’s things that he knows about me that nobody knows…. He has the only key to my safety deposit box and the code to everything I have pretty much….. this is what kind of trust I’m talking about.

After speaking to his dad early this morning, I just didn’t know how to act or what to say. fucking Jonas… aiiiii *SIGH* I’m so sad…. he comes from such a diverse amazing family. His dad? unbelievable! and so hard working…. he worked at K-Mart to support his family when times were tough…. His mom? I mean Jonas was adopted at 3 months of age….. and his mom also adopted 6 others of all different ethnic backgrounds…. need I say more? She was the one to convince me that even though they didn’t share the same genetic dna, didn’t mean she didn’t love him like it was her own blood….. with so much love around and great loving energy in his life, that made Jonas also a great dad himself!

I don’t want to ramble on anymore….. I didn’t take Jonas’ call just about a week or so ago…. you know I wish I took that call…. but it was his time and he’s in a better place…. fuck what the coroners office will say, I know what happened and I know he died peacefully. Now I have to find peace with this and I want to keep the name alive and strong….. just crazy. He leaves behind his son Ayden and his fiance’…. man, she is one of the strongest korean women I’ve ever met…. such a good person too. She fought and fought hard to keep shit in order too. Much love to his whole fam and his LRG family….”

Read the post in it’s entirety HERE.


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