The CPTL Brand talks the art of selling clothes, while ducking Nike’s lawyers. (w/ We Out Here Magazine).

(Excerpt below)

The company began as a boutique store on MLK called Caviar, selling clothes from various urban designers. Their business model changed drastically after they started designing their own t-shirts. A design they created mimicking the logo for Dunkin’ Donut, “Dunks N’ Jordans”, hit the blog circuit in 2006 with an overwhelming response–including being posted on The response forced them to expand their development quicker than intended (and the design ended up getting them into some legal issues with Nike).

“I always say nothing ever goes as planned. This is not what we planned. We all have a lot of things we are good at. This is just what worked.” Said TJ Hooker.

Read the interview in its entirety, HERE.

Words by Jacob Espinoza and photography by Lacey Ward for Out Here magazine.


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