A day in the P…

Morning joe at Barista with an Orangoutang doughnut from World famous Voo-Doo.

Art is everywhere, we step on it all day long. I never really noticed how fresh these look…

The food carts were lined up in front of Wieden + Kennedy today for a special event. I love this shot. It captured the essence of the current “hustle and bustle” in N.W. Portland now-a-days.

Had to bring out my better half.

Avocado shake. So necessary.

Had to show my lil’ sis Hayley I was reppin’ for her. You know me, always on that cool s#it. R&K raglan swag.

Oh yeah…new cigarette socks swag too. Haha.

Til next. 100,
TJ Hooker.
Team KQT, love yall.


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One response to “A day in the P…

  1. Grant

    fuckin lovin those cig socks haha clownin

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