BITERS Attack…in our own City!??? #ShitWeDontLike

Having brands bite us is nothing new, we’ve grown quite accustomed to it in fact. A little nibble here, a little nibble there for a few f#ck boys to make a quick buck is just how the game goes. Many times these biters will pop up hundreds of miles away from us and there just aint much we can do about it. I mean, we can spread the word and hope the loyal customers beware, but for the most part they just come and eventually go…off into the irrelevant cornball sunset.

This time however, not only did a company steal one of our most famous Trade Marks, but they come from the same city we do! Say WHAT! LOL. Yeah…funny huh. I mean, we’re talking the classic “RARE” design released almost 4 years ago that has been featured on celebrities and high profile sites like that you see above. I mean, c’mon! You must be stupid.

Or not know better. But if you have your own lil website and such, we’ll assume you ain’t that dumb and we’ll hold it against you. This is our city, we originate. You imitate.

Meek said it best… “Just make sure you know, who you’re around”.



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